WLtoys Quadcopter RC Battle Ship, Great quad for the money

This quadcopter is fun to fly. I use it to scare deer away from my plants, operating it from the upper balcony of my house. Very stable, flies in light winds, easy to control, great value for the money. It doesn’t freak animals out, but they watch it and move away from it when it approaches them.

This isn’t bad for a low end quad. Put about 50 hours on it so far with no major issues. Very stable and can handle a little wind. I put an altimeter on it to do high level testing and so far have reached 816 feet with no loss of control. Just don’t look away cause it will disappear. Added some light bars to it which makes night flying pretty cool. Next step will be an upgrade to the dji.

I like this small toy quad. I purchased it to train myself to fly a bigger, additional specialist sensor system, and i consider it truly is carrying out the career i acquired it for, at a fair rate. This is getting a quite crowded discipline. There are quite a few alternatives in toy quads, i’m happy with this for the cost. I cancelled the order, and they shipped it right absent, so, it took about two months for me to acquire the item in the mail.

I obtained this device as a beginning quad so my daughters and i could master to fly. Over-all i am joyful with the buy. For the selling price, i got a excellent starting off device, with a fantastic controller. Its stable plenty of to discover with though at the beginning stages, this device is significantly improved to use exterior. If you want to find out or get exercise within, then i would recommend a micro. Now that i am superior, i can do okay traveling at 40-sixty% settings inside of. Below are the pro’s and cons:professionals:* resilient, except for the go over/faring/shell (what ever you get in touch with it). Mine has been by in excess of a hundred crashes, many at substantial velocity. So far i have damaged a leg and two propellers, but with a spare areas kit, its easy to maintain managing* straightforward to modify* i like the controller, its pretty good for a ‘toy’ grade copter* camera payload is compact, has hand adjustable frame of mind environment and lightcons:* the entire body faring is low-priced and breaks simply. I stopped working with mine, so i fly with the fc board exposed.

In addition to being a kid at heart, liking my toys, i have had various challenges to report. Enable me report on each and every quadcopter. Labored fantastic but the picture was burry/lousy. Requested a 2nd 1 a pair days later and rma’d this one. Awesome unit, flew until finally may perhaps 2014.

The box the ‘quad’copter arrived in was compartmentalized with quad device, usb, camera, battery-charger, hand regulate, 4 extra blades (2red & 2blk). Great point as the box and continence survived the postal gauntlet. As i liberated the goods from the box the quad is fairly smaller (marginally much larger than your hand-fingers fanned out). As mentioned, the instructions are vague and textual content is quite small for one particular who makes use of eyeglasses. I endorse you enlarge the web pages on a copier for an a lot easier study. The hand management will take 6aa batteries and has an outstanding liquid crystal display display (1. 5×2 inch) impression of the (centre) quad blades, (left) %s of speed, and (suitable) up-down-convert % angels. There are adjustment buttons to compensate for different motor speeds. When starting out hold l-stick in down place then pushup to carry-off at about 50% to avoid hitting walls, trees and bushes, as i did. It will get some practising to achieve self-assured regulate of the quad.

This did not arrive with a person handbook, can not find one particular on line. Just one of the 4 blades isn’t going to turn unless aided by hand. I purchased a further battery that will not charge. The young children and myself arte really unhappy in this quadcopter. I study numerous critiques all telling me it was the greatest. . Effectively possibly if it’s not ordered from amazon, the chip in one blade manufactured me think it was utilized just before. No wonder we won’t be able to get it to stabilize.

Key specs for WLToys Quadcopter RC Battle Ship with Onboard Camera, 4 Channel:

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  • Instructions manual and extra 4 rotors
  • Overall diameter 925 inches and height 35 inches
  • Battery: 37V 500mah 25C Li-Po and 110V AC charger included
  • Micro SD card required (not included)

Comments from buyers

WL Toys V959 – Surpirsingly Good for a “Starter” Quad


Great quad for the money


You’re never too old to have a happy childhood! (The secret is contained below)

This tiny natural beauty was a existing for my 41 12 months outdated son, who works tough all 12 months to hold his spouse and young children harmless and cared for. He hardly ever will get to engage in, and it was sheer delight looking at him understand to make the copter fly all close to his livingroom, making use of the cam to acquire closeups of his children and their offers. It worked correctly, with all around 10 minutes of flight time on the original cost, and the down load to his computer was quick. We all enjoyed that watch of its’ maiden flight after he experienced trimmed the blades correctly–he experienced enjoyable carrying out that way too.

This quad is killer,ive under no circumstances flown a quad and only noticed them on you tube butt i hadto have just one. I purchased simply because i have the wltoys v911 copter and it flies fantastic and hardly ever a dilemma,so i received the v 959 it flies good you just take your time to learn controls and then go outside the house and have enjoyable just after a several batts. Set the camera on and get killer pix,of your community or a block or two above. It arrived on time and nicely packaged speedy shipping and delivery.

 i have to say i am really impressed with the durability of this mid-sized quad, i wasn’t expecting it to last very long, especially how i fly it. This is my first quad i have ever flown and i have to say it is a blast flying it. I got it from my parents last christmas and i was excited. I charged the battery immediately and started to fly it. It took off very smoothly and was very stable, even for a beginner like me. I got pretty good so i took it outside to see how high i could take it up. It was about 100 feet and it flipped (probably because the wind caught it). I panicked and gunned it and it landed upside down on our rocky alley yet it still flew like new, although the hull cracked. I took it up again and it hit a tree and fell. So, i took it up once more and crashed it again, and the shaft broke.

I would like something more sophisticated in the future for some recreational flying and photography. I am using this as a trainer. It is a ball to fly and it can take some serious abuse. Initially had issues with my attempts to keep the thing aloft and addressing the orientation. Some very serious crashes – with only minor damage. Don’t be fooled you will crash, until you get the hang of the controls. I suggest initially trying to maintain a hover in a small area with the copter facing away, to the sides and towards you to get your orientation to control correct. My experience is that this quad needs little to no trim correction it really flies true. I add a little forward trim so it moves forward a very slow rate. This is good to train on left stick control (rotation and altitude).

Preface:——–i have been an r/c’er for many several years, started out with hand-designed balsa wooden airplanes and have been via planes, gas/nitro automobiles, helos, and quads. I have only had a number of times with this quad, so these are my first results. First effect:——————-packaging: the quad comes in a fairly good box that is meant to be applied for storage and transport. Unpacking the quad was basic and straightforward, and the box contained every thing envisioned from the merchandise description. I was astonished at the first ‘feel’ of the create quality of the frame – a lot sturdier than i was anticipating from a ‘toy’ class quad. Setup was a breeze (there is none other than attaching the camera and charging/putting in the battery). I was prepared for an initial flight inside of an hour of opening the box (need to completely charge that battery the to start with time). Pre-flight look at and prep: having completely ready for the very first flight is very simple: put in batteries in the transmitter and the quad, established the quad down on a stage surface area, established the throttle all the way down, and convert on the transmitter. Bonding takes place automatically in about five seconds. It really is worthy of noting that this quad’s transmitter has a great deal of switches and features, so you can expect to want to just take time to get common with all the bells-and-whistles right before flying so you can concentrate on flying.

2nd flight in the air one motor quit working, after i picked up the copter post fall, i realized that one of little little gold motor rotors that moves the main rotor to the blade had fallen off. . Bad design or i got a bad product. No need to replace the whole arm but as this is not a common problem the piece i need is not available on an individual basis. Unfortunately i have to replace a whole arm piece which is not something i would have liked to have done especially since everything worked very well on the first flight. I like the copter but am disappointed in the quality as the reviews i read have never pointed this out as a potential problem.

Really fun to fly and pretty durable. However, purchased about 5 of them, some for gifts. One camera was useless due to really fuzzy image. Not camera something in board i think. One, with one prop that just quit working after initial tests. Not as responsive as needed for good reliable flying. But fun toy for a while and for learning basics. Good thing is having it drop from above trees, through trees, etc. Little if ever any damage or problem. For the price, probably the best thing your going to find. I’d buy another, but not more than one.

I really just opened the box, so i shouldn’t write a review yet, but note that the micro sd card (2gb) is included, contrary to the note from the listing saying it is not. I followed that information and bought the memory card. I would rather have put those dollars into extra batteries.

This is a really amazing toy – the movie is truly neat- flew it way up substantial in excess of my dwelling and then it was much bigger then i expected and the wind took it away – it was epic – we discovered it. And the video clip was neat – specially the crashing by way of the trees to land. Still only traveling it at forty% sensitivity on the controls so at 100% should be really quick.

This video copter is a blast to have fun with, and the video and photo quality from the tiny onboard pinhole camera is waaaayyy better than i had anticipated (nothing superlative obviously, but very good for its low price point)even it light winds the four rotors manage to keep the copter flying where you’d like it to go. The onboard battery lasts around 10 minutes, and then i switch it for another fully charged 2nd battery. The transmitter range is easily a football field or more (i haven’t tested the ‘outer limits’ of distance, since i live near water, and don’t want my copter drowning if it gets out of transmitter range). One other thing i just noticed, is that the video camera ‘head’ pivots, so you can aim the camera at its normal ‘level’ attitude, or you can angle is downward at the angle you might like, for when your copter is much higher up in the air. So far, the copter has had a few ‘less than soft landings’, yet it has zero damage so far, and from previous copters i’ve learned that if a crash is imminent, then shut off all throttle to the copter so that the blades will be ‘free spinning’ upon impact. Video and photo transfer to my apple imac is seamless, and the videos are in ‘. Avi’ format, which apple’s quicktime plays, and with video converter software i can convert the videos to whatever other video format i want. I just ordered two additional copter batteries, and a 16gb ‘extreme duty’ sandisk micro memory card as well, so on trips, i can stop and take aerial video footage of the local sights, then charge the batteries later, and with 16gb, i’ll have plenty of onboard video storage capabilities. On one unintended crash landing, the micro memory card ‘clicked out’ of its locked in position, so yeah, just be aware of that possibility and be sure the micro memory card is still clicked into position after crash landings. The last thing you want is to be searching for a tiny memory card amongst tall grass.

This quad is low-cost, produced with inexpensive elements and i could not be happier with that. If you’ve flown higher conclude quads then this probably is just not the quad for you. If you happen to be like me and this is your first quad, then this is an outstanding quad to understand on. Like i explained at the commencing this is a affordable quad made with low cost sections, so when you break them, and you will, they are inexpensive and easy to replace. You could possibly argue that a a lot more high priced quad wouldn’t break as conveniently, but a swift glance at the evaluations of the ‘better’ quads exhibits that to be incorrect and on best of the quad alone remaining more expensive the replacement pieces are even far more costly. Except you happen to be justin bieber, when you’re to start with learning to drive you really don’t normally commence with a lamborghini, you start off with a beater. Mainly because it even now has the identical simple purpose, but is cheaper and much easier to repair. Very same factor applies when you’re receiving your 1st quad. You might be going to crash it, a good deal. That means you might be heading to crack parts, a good deal.

I am not an seasoned quad pilot but i do individual about a dozen micro-helicopters the the vast majority of them made by wl toys so i can talk to the establish quality. This quad had two significant build problems and a single manage situation (my impression). The to start with develop issue was the remaining purple led light wire insulation was stripped exposing about an inch of bare wire. The second construct concern was with the involved camera. I was ready to dissemble the camera and alter the concentrate (i never believe that it was supposed to be a user command) but it continues to be sub common in high quality and i am not pleased. As for the flight, the only other quad i have is the hubsan x4 so have little to review it to. Evaluating it to the x4 i was amazed at how hard it is to get it to yaw in any way at the default forty% environment. I could not get satisfactory (barely) yaw overall performance before the 80% environment. The good news is that the quad is not notably tricky to control at that location for any person who can correctly hover a 4ch fp heli. I have tried a couple of of the programmed flips and rolls and they are simple to conduct. I will not assume any one is acquiring this quad for its acrobatic means, they are in all probability drawn to this quad for the camera and security. The stability it provides in spades, the camera. . Perfectly it provides out of aim weak quality online video. Probably my expectations of excellent have been out of line for a $twenty camera but it could have at least been in concentrate.

Update- ordered 2 more of these and both of them came broken. Be careful about defective remote control and motors. I’ve recently used several other quadcopter (u816 and the x1) models and this is by far the most impressive. The copter is very responsive and agile. There are several settings that give the user increasing control of the copter. At startup the unit is at 40% which allows the copter to restrict some movement to ensure safer flight and is more forgiving to user error. There are 60, 80, and 100% modes after that which give the user more and more control. The quality of the camera is more than sufficient for the average user. Its a lot of fun to see my neighborhood from up high.

This minimal quad was a great deal of exciting. I’m positive it is just not as excellent as quads that value a great deal a lot more – but for the selling price (all-around $60 suitable now) it will work great – tons of bang for the buck. Fun to fly, easy to understand, excellent top quality video clip, quick to do flips, speedy, can fly genuinely higher, the leds are fun (and can be turned off during the day). All very good things for the selling price. Furthermore, other retails (banggood. Com – ships from china) market all the replacement parts and insert-on equipment. The only point i wished it had?. A beeper – so that when i acquired careless and flew it really far away – then obtained confused on my orientation and when i thought i was traveling it back was in its place flying it farther absent – and then hardly saw it drop someplace mainly because it was so considerably away and couldn’t obtain it – a beeper would be nice to track down it. But, which is my fault and not the quad’s. Browse the assessments and master from other’s errors (established the quad flat when plugging in the battery, etcetera.

Update: seems the camera problem is a known bug for this model. Sellers are taking the v959 and installing the circuit boards from the v222. This fixes the camera bug, and offers new control ways like you can cut off the transmitter in flight then right before it hits the ground cut it back on and it will reset itself and hover in place. Old review it looked really cool when i got it. Battery was partly charged when i got it, took 15 mins to top it off. After a couple of charges battery started to swell. Unsafe, needs to be thrown away. First test flight without video camera to reduce weight. Could never get it to hover in place, always wanted to take off to one side or the other. Not an inside toy, want to go really high, fast. Trim buttons made no difference. Got the basics down, took outside on a windless day. Same results, would not hover, wants to fly sideways every time.

I would really like to say a thing like ‘i purchased it for my grandson. For my 10 calendar year outdated nephew’s birthday’ or a thing like that. But, the reality is, i purchased it for me (i’m 63 and haven’t grown up) and i appreciate it. You happen to be never ever too aged to have a content childhoodi’ve been traveling it about my living home because i’m embarrassed to have my neighbors see me and i have crashed it a lot of moments. It would seem seriously fragile but, just after most likely fifty crashes of a variety of impression strengths, including my wife’s hand, it has not affected it at all. It arrived with a back again up set of props but, so far i have not desired them. The instructions are inadequate at very best but, here are the mystery steps:lay it on it is really back on a stage area with the battery disconnected. Flip on the controller generating certain the ‘trim’ configurations are all neutral (till you see how it flies) and allow it fully ‘boot’ up (stop beeping).

There are two variations of this, the more recent six axis and the more mature 4 axis units. The newer versions are much easier to learn on as they are far more secure, as a result a single is not in entire reaction method to continue to keep the issue from frequently crashing if you are just beginning out with studying to fly. Nevertheless, the dilemma is that there is a recognised concern with the throttle dropping out when yawing to the remaining. If you have a good deal of overhead house, and frequently maintain the altitude up rather, you must have more than enough time to recuperate. In my case, i have so quite a few tress that i fly a lot closer to the ground. Generally i don’t have plenty of time to straighten the rudder and implement complete throttle to recover. If this issue is remedied, i would say that this would be a excellent very little quadcopter, on the other hand, at the moment, quite a few of the benefits are wiped out by the still left ruf dder challenge.

1 of the rising systems for land surveying is the use of uavs (unmanned aerial car or truck) to acquire aerial mapping data. Listed here in the states, its likely to be at minimum someday in 2015 prior to the faa establish regulations on the industrial use of drones. I’ve found demos of ‘fixed-wing’ and ‘rotor blade’ uavs, and i individually really feel that the ‘rotor blade’ motor vehicles will be advantageous, especially on tiny tasks. Due to the fact i had never ever flown any form of rcs in advance of, i determined it would be a fantastic thought to get an entry amount device and begin studying how to fly them (that way, i’ll be a very little forward of the sport when the faa finalize their regs).Right after examining several opinions, i made a decision on the v959. So far, it has been a excellent order. The only glitch that i have encountered is that it was transported with a battery charger with european plugs. I contacted the retailer, through amazon, & within just 5 times i gained an adapter (at no added price). Even though this quadcopter looks like a toy & is constructed of a large amount of ‘light weight’ plastic, it has survived numerous tricky crashes (which include an inverted, total energy 50′ dive into the ground. I’m continue to incredibly considerably a rookie). The ‘chinese to english’ translated handbook has a ton to be sought after, but i found quite a few sites that have greater directions & guidelines. And the camera is not hd as labeled on the box that it arrived in. But i currently understood that from the reviews that i experienced examine.Anyway, until eventually i find out how to fly far better, i never have to have a pricier camera to probably damage.

The instructions are near impossible to read and understand unless you read chinese which led my quad to take off like a rocket when i powered up the transmitter. It hit the ceiling of my room with a bang but neither the ceiling nor the quad were damaged. Note to self;;; always make sure the throttle is all the way down when powering up the transmitter. Seriously this little quad is rugged and does everything i want it to do. I wish the copter had a off/on switch since the connector is still hard to unplug.

I got mine on the 16th of november and its really fun. Two reason for four stars and not five. It said the transmitter range was a 1000m it about an 100m. The second thing is i can’t get it two hover. But over all a great copter.

High-quality management looks to be all about the map on this a person. My battery life assorted from 2min to 7min my to start with number of flights, but now appears to be to have stabilized at 8min with the camera onboard. It survived a lot of crashes, into grass and trees with only minimum prop damage. Camera failed in flight just after approx. Now on electricity up camera standing light flashes pink/inexperienced purple/environmentally friendly and then goes dim. Final footage receives ‘jerky’ then stops cold in midflight. My model of the camera recorded to. Avi’s that had been only read properly by vlc. At times the data files were empty. ( bytes) at times the information had been described as vacant, but ended up viewable with vlc, and copyable after viewing. The electricity plug arrived out a couple of occasions when i crashed i think that may have weakened the information (lacking correct termination?. Dk)(edit: camera flash card was total. Irrespective of my ‘deleting’ the data files right after downloading them :p camera operating fine now. )flash card and reader had been shipped underneath the tray, and so were really hard to locate.

Silly exciting but the v222 (the six-axis upgraded edition of this), really any of the v2x2 sequence, or the hubsan x4 is possibly a superior system for a whole novice. The v959 does not even attempt to self stage. Which will make for a critically enjoyment but incredibly precarious balancing act. Even rather little air movements send out it careening absent and receiving it back again to a hover is really complicated. It can be a small too lightweight for outdoor but a bit way too big and rapidly with as well a great deal lag in the thrust for indoors. I’m undoubtedly owning fun with it and in the quite quick time i have experienced it it truly is crashed a whole lot so it’s somewhat sturdy. But i am undoubtedly wanting forward to constructing a more substantial platform that will self-amount and deal with at least a little bit of wind. Right here in florida as close to the coastline as i am it truly is practically not possible to find days wherever you will find zero wind.

Takes some time to understand to fly, not much. Maybe an hour if you are a beginner at 40%, which i was. The moment you begin to get it you can place it at 60%. Then as you get superior go full throttle so to speak. Camera functions excellent, furthermore the flips too. Fly outdoors of the residence 1st to understand. In fact took a minor tree department out. But did not hurt the quadcopter. So considerably i have all the original components, and i have had this for a though now.

I gained my wl toys v959 quadcopter about a week ago and have flown it about 10 instances. I individual 3 other lower price tag quadcopters and for the money it is really hard to conquer. It is secure, flies for over ten minutes on a cost and it normally takes reasonable videos. The online video is vga quality and the lens can be tilted down or up for diverse viewing angles right before each flight. The quadcopter is gentle weight and can endure most crashes and their are spare parts offered. Becoming light fat the quad has hassle with strong winds which will give most inexperienced persons issues if they fly on windy days. I recommend placing your identify, address and cellular phone amount on the shell so you may well get it back again if you eliminate it. I also advocate buying a second battery because it takes about eighty minutes to recharge it. You may possibly want to consider acquiring the more recent variation v222 if there is not a great deal of a value improve given that it is a very little far more steady six axis vs 4 axis and may perhaps have a little more carry from what i listened to.

I bought this quad as a trainer just before i transfer on to nearly anything definitely costly and i have had a blast with it. Permit me get started with chatting about some pros of this quad. For the rate you cannot get something far better. The video is surprisingly great. When set to a hundred%, will do flips and rolls. Can really maintain its possess in 15 – twenty mph winds. The person handbook is not really very clear. At a specified variety the motors appeared to sputter but never thoroughly dropped out. My battery was not making a stable link with the charger or quad but a minor soldering took care of that. In general, i unquestionably appreciate this quad. It has almost everything a rookie needs and can be truly exciting for expert pilots. After having it for only 4 days, i can fly it at one hundred% rate and do all the flips and tips i want. I am positive that if i experienced bought just about anything else i would not be as satisfied as i am with the wltoys v959.

I’ve ordered several of these units in the past and either have them to family members or keep one for myself. I ordered another one for my partner which ended up malfunctioning out of the box at my nephews birthday party. It was kind of a let down, but i called amazon and they immediately resolved the issue with no problems since i purchased it through an amazon prime dealer. The new one arrived 2 days later and worked perfectly. I shipped the malfunctioning unit back in the same box with the label that they provided. I understand that things like this happen from time to time with electronics, so i was not concerned with amazon’s promise to make it right. I couldn’t have asked for better service. They’re so easy to operate and very customizable.

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  1. Didn’t rise evenly from the ground, and very twitchy and difficult to fly. Sometimes a rotor wouldn’t fire up.
    1. Didn’t rise evenly from the ground, and very twitchy and difficult to fly. Sometimes a rotor wouldn’t fire up.
  2. This quadcopter never got off of the ground. I purchased for my grandson who is 11. And the rotors on it were not evenly balanced therefore it toppled over instead of flying.
    1. This quadcopter never got off of the ground. I purchased for my grandson who is 11. And the rotors on it were not evenly balanced therefore it toppled over instead of flying.
      1. Great first quad to learn with. Though challenging or near impossible in stronger wind. Camera is so so, but not bad.
  3. Great first quad to learn with. Though challenging or near impossible in stronger wind. Camera is so so, but not bad.
  4. This review is from : WLToys Quadcopter RC Battle Ship with Onboard Camera, 4 Channel

    For the price this is great. I went from this to a $1,300 copter.
      1. Unbalanced beyond repair, thus hard to navigate (keeps drifting), even after calibrating properly. Top comes off too easily and doesn’t hold a single collision without falling off.
  5. This review is from : WLToys Quadcopter RC Battle Ship with Onboard Camera, 4 Channel

    Unbalanced beyond repair, thus hard to navigate (keeps drifting), even after calibrating properly. Top comes off too easily and doesn’t hold a single collision without falling off.

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