UDI RC U816A UFO Quadcopter 2 – Nice copter, annoying customer service.

G this is one of the funnest toys i have ever had the pleasure to play with. After you charge the battery for the required time and plug it into the quadcopter it is one of the easiest rc toys i have ever played with. It has this button on it called the 360 button, when you have the craft about 20ft. Off the ground push this button. The copter will do a complete three hundred sixty degree flip. Be careful though because it will take a dive so be sure its high enough so you can recover. Buy this and you will be very happy. I look forward to using it all the time.

I have been continually attempting to discover some variety of fun and protected traveling toy that my 6 calendar year aged and i could participate in with alongside one another. I have attempted the single prop kind helicopters, and discovered they are much too difficult to come across, squandered $50. I experimented with a solitary prop style helicopter that has a ball cage surrounding it, enjoyable but nevertheless challenging to fly and crashes a ton. Is a lot less complicated to fly, as lengthy as you have it degree when powering on so the gyro calibrates the right way. Gives you about 15 minutes of pleasure. Expenses in like an hour or a thing. Has a plastic housing about the blades so it isn’t going to minimize you if it crashes into you. Does a awesome mid air 360 matter. So, in the close, i want i acquired this initially. I consider future purchase will be a parrot ar.

I have a large amount of entertaining with this. I’ve been traveling rc planes and helicopters for virtually twenty decades now, so finding the dangle of flying it wasn’t significantly of a challenge, but my wife and 6yr old are traveling it, and if they can fly it anybody can. Even though battery life is respectable, about five minuets, not lousy for a 1c 250ma battery, you will most likely want to devote in a couple additional batteries. Nicely really worth it for the value.

We loved that and then got this quadcopter. Now this is a really fun toy. The unit is really pretty quiet and has an awesome sound. You get about 5 minutes of flight time, which seems small but is actually some decent flight time. It is very well suited for indoor flight but i would recommend that you take it outside until you get really used to how to fly it.

Ok so the cats usually are not much too thrilled with the copter. Likely they are irritated with my sons making use of them as targets. The copters function effectively, and as you grow to be skilled with the joysticks, they reply to every single command. These are not your operate-of-the-mill mall copters but extra refined. Not top-of-the-line but consider a little bit of exercise. Now if i might just gotten the lipstick digital camera for spying.

Even though not the most effective starter quad copter (that would be the skywalker or hero rc sky matrix h1306) this is a incredibly wonderful product. Flies terrific even in mild wind. Usually takes bumps and crashes nicely — not for smaller young children, the encouraged fourteen many years old appears to be proper. You’ll want added batteries make guaranteed to shave of the nubs on the connectors so that if can be pulled aside very easily.

On the second one particular of these awesome minor gems i purchased i gained the improper copter, i mistakenly was despatched 1 of the ufo products. The shopper provider rep at amazon preserved that because of to this product being ordered from a third occasion seller that there was no payment available for the annoyance of working with other peoples mistakes. When i questioned about possibly some type of coupon code i was informed that he was ‘out of them and potentially i really should of termed before. ‘ hey, it truly is 5 o’clock in this article in alaska and i do not treatment, i named as soon as was attainable. Amazon is a substantial environment extensive operation and i fall short to see how my rep utilizing up his allotment of coupon codes should be my dilemma. This is the 1st time i’ve been taken care of in this manner by amazon, usually they are johnny-on-the-location fixing goof ups. Reliable client assistance fail.

I bought this as a birthday present for our oldest who turned six. I suspect i have probably spent almost as much time as him flying it. We have used the quadcopter both indoors and outdoors. With fully charged batteries it is a powerful little uav, soaring to 10 m with ease outdoors or pinning itself to the ceiling indoors. Well, there is a sweet-spot when the batteries are at 30% capacity where it gets supremely easy to control the uav’s movements and it feels like all that practice paid off. This lasts for about 45 seconds out of the six minutes or so flying time you get on a full charge. With fully charged batteries, the thing has so much power given it’s light weight that it’s a bit more challenging not getting the uav to overshoot and overcompensate. It also seems like it becomes more difficult with time to get the uav to hover vertically over the same spot. I suspect the frequent crashes and collisions have played a role bending the frame slightly out of shape. I have also noticed that hair and dust can accumulate around the propeller shafts, fooling the unit’s self-righting algorithms as more power to a subset of the propellers don’t necessarily translate to the same rpms as when it was new. When you get the unit, all you have to do is charge the battery that it ships with and pop some standard batteries into the remote. Make sure when inserting the fully charged battery that you center it in the frame; it doesn’t have to be completely balanced but it appears that it makes flight easier if you get it sort of right. Connect the remote control and the uav by standing close to the quadcopter and move the throttle to full then zero; the beep confirms that a connection has been made and you are ready to fly. Always note which way is forward (denoted by the two orange propellers and the white diode) as this affects how the uav reacts to movements of the right control stick.

I was hunting for a entry stage quadcopter drone and this healthy the monthly bill completely. As an expert r/c flyer i know what can make an r/c design valuable for a to start with time pilot. The balance and abilities make this a wonderful alternative for newbies and skilled pilots. I fly it in the home in a reasonably small spot (15×15) with a vaulted ceiling and though it is restricted the gradual flight and controllability permits flight applying all 6 axis it has. Choose it sluggish and regular and you can master it in a relatively brief interval of time. It can be measurement and body weight make it pretty substantially incapable of outside flight. It would need to a properly quiet working day to have any accomplishment at all outside. Btw order added battery packs, (there are numerous fair priced numerous pack decisions onamazon) as you would not want to wait around the twenty – 30 moment recharge instances in in between flights. A person other matter, this quadcopter is particularly strong, i have crashed into partitions, furniture, lamps, and several other immovable objects with no injury to quadcopter or the objects i ran into.

I imagined this would be terrific fun for my ten year old. And then my partner swiped it, additional a little high definition movie digital camera and a helium balloon and i haven’t seen my husband all holiday. He has experienced a blast generating videos of the landscape at substantial altitude – 3 stories or so. There is quite tiny command – specially with supplemental helium balloon. You minimize the motor to drift it again down to you. Be mindful obtaining trapped on rooftops. I have found other individuals (again – dads) doing astounding tricks and flips with their son’s copters.

I have had this drone for a few several years now and it continue to is effective flawlessly. No challenges apart from i experienced to sadder a wire back on to the circuit board. All round this is a fantastic products but not for young children mainly because when i initial flew it reduce my leg. It is incredibly rapidly outside and performs great in extremely small windy ailments. I would recommend having the prop protector off the drone since it slows it down and it will work way superior without having it (only get it off if you are a expert flyer). This is a fantastic drone to also practice with if you are seeking to get a drone like the dji phantom which i will soon be buying thanks to this drone.

This quad copter seems indestructible. The frame can be twisted & bent out of condition & it just bounces back again into form. I locate this characteristic to be unbelievable. I’ve by no means found an airframe that bounces back into shape like this a person does, & no other quad copter i’ve viewed or have has an airframe like this. I’m an rc plane & helicopter pilot around twenty five decades & uncover flying this ship to have the identical controls, but may perhaps take some having utilized too. It really is not significant & not as well little like others that are more challenging to fly. This just one is terrific for enough area indoor flight. Exterior with wind, it will be harder to regulate, so i am going to fly a considerably even bigger just one outdoors for much more balance.

This is a great low cost quad to learn to fly with. And thankfully it is low cost. These are a tough unit to get used to flying. Eventually i will be able to get this thing to hover in one place then i will be able to enjoy it more. Expect to spend some time just learning before you can really enjoy it. Oh yeah make sure you don’t have a lot of hard surfaces around as you will crash it many times before mastering it. Here are the specifications for the UDI RC U816A UFO Quadcopter 2:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Comes Ready To Fly Out Of The Box
  • 2.4GHZ Radio System is interference free
  • Quadcopter is capable of flips at the push of a button
  • Captable of high speed flight in advanced flight mode
  • Just Add (4) AA Batteries for transmitter
  • Style may vary slightly from image

Execs:terrific for indoorsvery responsive. Manner one is fantastic for indoor use and manner two is wonderful for out of doors use. Unique colour props support you maintain your orientation. Shroud safeguards it and the environment. Shroud is sturdy as it has been crashed several situations. My shroud is plastic not foam, have to have been a revision. Speaking of toughness, the complete craft is really durableit will come with more props. I have not needed to use them. Transmitter has an liquid crystal display display that show trims amounts, throttle proportion, sign energy amongst the transmitter and the quadracopter, and battery gauge for the transmitter’s batteries.

We bought this as an different the the air hogs quad copter immediately after discovering out that it was produced of foam. It was for our 9 12 months previous for xmas. The copter is pretty neat searching, and the heavier plastic it is manufactured of is fairly strong. My major complaint is the charging method. It has to be charged by means of the bundled adapter, and can only be plugged into a usb port on a computer system. This leads to prolonged charging time, and once charged, the connectivity initialization concerning the copter and the distant is tricky. He has not really proven desire in it considering the fact that the day following christmas because of the constrained purpose time (6-7 minutes) on a 2 hour charge.

I received this especially to understand how to fly quadcopters, it can choose a good amount of punishment. The only difficulties i have with it is a reasonably short flight time (about 10 min) and that in the house even a tiny draft will make it drift. Also i cant appear to be to get it trimmed appropriate, i start it and trim it the best i can and its very good for a although but then it starts drifting. But thats fine i just got this to mess close to and find out about quadcopters =).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Awesome.

  • Great fun for the value

  • A delightful toy for kids and adults alike

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UDI RC U816A UFO Quadcopter 2.4Ghz with 6 Axis Gryo
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  1. Ok, i told my wife it was for the girls and it was. Great intro if you want to learn before moving up to the video camera model.
    1. Ok, i told my wife it was for the girls and it was. Great intro if you want to learn before moving up to the video camera model.
      1. A little bit underpowered but amazing beginner quadcopter.
  2. This review is from : UDI RC U816A UFO Quadcopter 2.4Ghz with 6 Axis Gryo

    A little bit underpowered but amazing beginner quadcopter.
      1. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great starter drone. Learn to fly here before spending hundreds on a drone says:
        This is an awesome quadcopter and it is built to take a little bit of a beating. Its a good thing because its not as easy to fly as you see the child do in the videos.
  3. This is an awesome quadcopter and it is built to take a little bit of a beating. Its a good thing because its not as easy to fly as you see the child do in the videos.
    1. Good for whoever that feels like moving out of that beginners stage to the next level.
  4. This review is from : UDI RC U816A UFO Quadcopter 2.4Ghz with 6 Axis Gryo

    Good for whoever that feels like moving out of that beginners stage to the next level.
  5. This review is from : UDI RC U816A UFO Quadcopter 2.4Ghz with 6 Axis Gryo

    It just quit working after one day so it is just setting in the box.

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