EMAX 4X SimonK 12A Brushless ESC Speed Controller, Great product and would order again

Not for beginners, soldering and programming required. I set the timing high and popped a 3s in and i has a very over powered airplane.

These emax esc get the job done excellent for my zmr250 quad. Never experienced any problems with these. I have them on two of my quadcopters.

I’ve heard that they can handle 4s as long as you don’t use the bec to power your flight controller. I’ve ran 3s with them with 2300kv motors and i’ve tried tri-blade 6′, regular 6030s, and 5040s. The tri-blades sound cool but are slow to react. The 5040s are good for precision, and the 6030s are good for racing people running on 4s. These come with a paper that tells you how to program them, which is very handy, do not lose that paper. Setting them at 22khz makes them quieter too. I’ve now bought 2 sets of these, and upon testing the second set i realized none of my escs were bad, i just had a few broken blades, and i accidentally changed some settings when i first got them. Once you get the hang of programming them using the beep beeps it’s easy. I will update this review if anything changes.

I in fact only essential one but for the rate of two i got 4 which authorized me to create a second quad. Unquestionably the very best offer to purchase in bulk as i have fried the other. These come pre programmed to just do the job and are regular.

I like these escs,even though they aren`t 4s rated,but they seem to handel it fine on my 250class quad with the 4s lipo,flown numerous times with out any trouble.

I ordered these simonk escs to replaced 4 knockoff branded ones that i had received with my quad. These are much smaller and run way cooler than the ones they replaced. I have been flying these since i got them without a single issue. Great product and would order again.

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Great value!


Great value


Great product and would order again

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EMAX 4X SimonK 12A Brushless ESC Speed Controller for FPV QAV250 200 Multi-Rotor
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