DJI 2312 Motor : Did the Job Great.

I am building a diy quadcopter & have been looking for 2312 motors, approximately 1000kv, for the 450 mm airframe. Fortunately, these phantom 2 replacement motors are pretty much what i was looking for. The motor mounts allow theses motors to bolt directly to the airframe without adapter plates. I also bought two counter clockwise rotating motors.

I’m back on the air guys, i ordered this product because my phantom 2 decided to break. It was actually scary when it had happen, i was flying it in air and out of no where, one of the propellers decided to give out. I always seen videos of them crashing but when it happened to me, my heart stopped.Thankfully, no one was injured and just came crashing down to some bushes. A few scratches but nothing to drastic happened. After inspecting my drone, i figured that one of the motors gave out. I ran to some youtube tutorials to figure if i would be able to replace this motor. The procedure is quite simple, all you need is a soldering gun with a little bit of soldering wire and your back up and running. The installation process is very easy for someone with little experience.

Be sure to buy the right motor.

This motor was used to replace one that failed in my phantom 2 + vision. The replacement went quite smoothly but when i went to tighten the propeller using the original bell wrench it didn’t fit onto the bell of the new motor. The wrench was filed slightly such that the sides fit the parallel bell support arms, the original motor support arms were angled slightly. All in all the task was quite easily accomplished.

Not guaranteed if it was the esc or the board but i replaced each and i was again in the air.

Operates wonderful and rapidly shipping.

I procured this just in circumstance a single of my motors crapped out on me for my phantom 2 eyesight+.

  • How to determine which item had failed (motor or ESC).

  • Compatible with 450 mm DIY QuadCopter

  • Replacement

DJI 2312 Motor with CW Rotation for Phantom 2 Quadcopter

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  • Compatibility: DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter
  • Stator Size: 0.9 x 0.5″ / 22.86 x 12.70mm

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DJI 2312 Motor with CW Rotation for Phantom 2 Quadcopter
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