Blade Nano QX BNF Quadcopter : Great for any skill level!!!!

I obtained this quad as bnf on section simply because i previously have a dx6i from my planes. It bound proper up and was all set to go, flight times all-around 6-8 minutes indoors. Now, you can fly this exterior but any breeze higher than one-two mph will only make factors a hassle, so i bought this as a purely indoor quad. It truly is severely brilliant, and a person durable minor machine. I crash it a couple occasions each and every time i fly and just about every cringe deserving crash even now final results in zero hurt to the quad. Just after about ten flights, my props did start having compact burs from hits, but that is incredible looking at the wrecks it has absent by. Safe and sound is occasionally doing the job versus you but more frequently than not it isn’t going to bother me. With the dx6i, you can also method twin costs/expo waaaay down so that newbies can fly it devoid of any trouble at all (i use 35% rudder/elev and seventy five% aileron on pos. All round, tons of entertaining and a terrific platform to understand how to fly on.

I’ve had a couple co-ax helicopters and stepped up to a four channel with the blade sr120. Since i had the remote, and was ordering replacement parts for the sr120, i bought this thing. Its super fast, can handle being outside (even though it’s super light) and is easy to learn. It gives you a true sense of flying without worrying that you’re going to bust it. I was a little aggressive taking off one of the blades and ripped the cord to the motor. Other than that, i’ve had no problems. Flight time is around 6-8 mins like most rc toys. If you’re thinking about it, do it.

Soon after eventually obtaining a spektrum radio i could take care of-ably afford, and then patiently waited for some five lengthy months until i was able to acquire one thing to bind to the dsmx/dsm2 protocol. This has turned out to be the greatest small drone i could have at any time imagined. I steadily examine weblogs and viewed videos on setting up my dx9 any prospect i could get. Waiting around for anything to come available via regional sources of offering i made a decision to buy low-priced and invest in new. The blade series is certainly remarkable. The nano qx locked on to my dx9 and away we went. Remaining a rookie, i have wasted several hundreds on the toy drones you find in your regional box retailers. They either don’t have frequency power, or just crafted like crap and past no time at all. The nano qx has provided me the prospect to do the job palms on with my spektrum transmitter to study all the setting and changes it is thoroughly able of. The drone flys like a desire.

First off, this isn’t really for a starter. You really should be totally common with a rookie 4 channel heli very first, for the most satisfaction. Check out the mcx2, it’s sluggish and will get you employed to shelling out attention to orientation. The moment you master that slow velocity four channel you might be absolutely all set to fly this 1 in safe mode with a bit of d/r and expo. Idea: get some 1/8′ shrink tubing and place it all over the blade protector masts. This portion of the body, the base corners that contact the ground, will split following sufficient hits. Bend up the blade protectors so you can slip it above and onto the mast, then utilize warmth. I wasn’t careful and melted a couple of the ends, but this will make the body substantially additional tough. Following about 100 flights, one of these ended up separating/splitting on my nqx, so it can be both this or get ready to obtain a new body. I am going to article a photograph of this so you can see what i signify.

Rapid summary: this issue is a blast to fly. Safe and sound manner can make for an fulfilling, uncomplicated practical experience correct out of the box — it does not issue if you’ve under no circumstances flown a heli or quad prior to. Convert on safe and sound to find out it, switch off protected to grasp it. Get this quad, it will make you joyful. Prolonged winded edition:first, let’s get a brief initially-timer issue out of the way due to the fact men and women continue to request about it (you can overlook this portion if you presently have a transmitter): if you don’t have a transmitter nevertheless and you might be not contemplating about expanding considerably in the passion, then take into consideration the rtf version of the nano qx instead of this a single. It features a simple controller for an more $twenty. On the other hand, if you never have a transmitter but you think this may possibly be one thing that will keep you curiosity for a whilst (and potentially lead you to get much more helis/quads/planes in the long run), then take into account spending the added cash on a much better transmitter, like the spektrum dx6i, which can maintain the set up data for 10 versions. Then, get the bnf variations of the models you might be intrigued in, preserve $twenty for each product and you really don’t have a pile of rtf radios sitting down about. I have a couple of other designs now.

Just after acquainting oneself with the functions (examine the handbook. Critically), this is extremely pleasurable. To my shock it operates well on no to light wind days outsideyou want a radio controller. There is a combo with controller and quad obtainable for a small much less than obtaining each ingredient individually. Capabilities an quick manner (simply ahead, backward, up, down, and side to side combos) and an state-of-the-art manner for methods like flips and rolls. Developed in rotor guards continue to keep you from bumping into a wall and halting flighti suggest significantly indoor apply right before going outdoors. Also, continue to keep tweezers handy to take out and clean rotors as hair can get wrapped all over the motors, hindering flight and perhaps harmful the rotor)appreciate.

BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

  • Features exclusive SAFE™ technology with stability and agility modes
  • Small enough to fly in any room or office
  • Requires a 4+ channel DSM2 or DSMX transmitter
  • Potent brushed motors that provide smooth and powerful lift
  • 4-in-1 DSMX Receiver/ESCs/mixer/SAFE sensor unit

I bought this as a way to discover to fly quad copters much better in advance of relocating up in measurement. This is a ideal measurement and selling price for entry stage learning on quad copters. You have the skill to fly with gyro stabilization and after you get better you can fly in acro mode for additional aerobatic capabilities. I would endorse buying the additional batteries for it as they are low-priced and give you about 30+ of flying completely. You will get about 4-5 minutes of all out traveling on a single battery. It is quite mild and consequently can stand up to fairly a good deal of abuse, i have but to seriously hurt mine in quite a few weeks of tough use. Beware on windy times this will not do well, robust winds will be much too a lot for its gentle size. Other than that its a blast to fly.

This is the best dollars you could spend on a extremely flexible radio managed flier. The single rotor helicopters are a great deal a lot more tricky to regulate, however this particular model does integrate the harmless technological innovation, which might perfectly be integrated in solitary rotor choppers by now. In the minimal speed method it is continue to extremely quick, but really, pretty controllable. This can be utilised both indoors and out, as lengthy as you fly at lower altitude’s with delicate wind. I have not entered the significant speed manner also generally because the helicopter has virtually no constraints, building it incredibly, extremely fast, agile, and all set to go anywhere… i’m just not ready to command that form of speed nevertheless. I bought this as a bnf because i currently very own a spectrum dx 5e remote, i individually did not much treatment for the horizon interest stock distant in the rtf edition. When i ordered my blade msrx it arrived with the distant which i immediately changed shortly thereafter. It is really pretty nice having a single distant for multiple toys. I am quite joyful with the high quality of item that horizon has set out with the nano qx, i have crash this into partitions, pet dogs, chairs, anything you can picture and it even now is operating. The only weak spot is that i have numerous cats, and the hair contaminates the motors.

This nano is quite the awesome tiny flyer. I experienced to get two mainly because my 6 year old flew the 1st one particular up & into heaven and it never returned. It is really taken me about eight tries but i last but not least acquired the dangle of this issue. You see, there are these four buttons on the controller that somehow command the pace of the spinning quad blades. If you monkey plenty of with these controller buttons, you will quickly learn that you can command the pitch and the roll of the traveling quad-coptor. What i indicate is that it is fully doable to sustain a quite effortless hover without having getting to continually be battling the controls. I squandered a large amount of time hoping to stabilize this very little sucker with the handle sticks until finally i figured out the objective of the controller buttons. This is my initially practical experience flying quad-coptors and it normally takes some persistence to figure out. Also – extremely significant: i purchased substitution blades pondering that they ended up all the similar. Each blade of the quad-coptor requires a precise blade form for its rotation.

Adore the qx and have now acquired a second a person so if a motor wants replaced and so forth i continue to have one flyable till other is fixed. Very first qx give up operating just after just a couple of effortless flights. The gradual crimson flashing startup light-weight would not transition to a reliable blue gentle to present it was related to the transmitter or a flashing blue light to present it was completely ready to be certain to a transmitter. It would just retain flashing red as if it experienced a minimal battery. I have multipe batteries and various chargers so was sure i had a great battery set up. Instantly returned to amazon the subsequent working day, the ups driver also had my amazon replacement qx in hand. Ethical, invest in amazon prime when achievable. New qx and my extra spare qx are now on hand and performing so much. I’m using a spektrum dx6i transmitter and it works fantastic with the nano qx. Update: each my nano’s keep on to function terrific.

I possess all three of these common quadcopters so i considered i would give a comparison. In small: – all can be fantastic decisions, but for diverse functions – the hubsan x4 offers a lot for its low price tag and can combat winds improved than the other two – the blade inductrix is the most stable indoors and most straightforward to fly all round – the blade nano qx is my general preferred with the most possibility for advancement,similarities:all of these well-known quads have outstanding aftermarket assist. This features areas, upgrades, and neighborhood information. All are incredibly stable in the air (but with different flight qualities, as spelled out underneath). Transmitter:both of those the inductrix and nano qx have a much better transmitter up grade path than the x4 in that they use dsmx. This tends to make working with higher-conclude transmitters switch-crucial. With the hubsan, you can use some substantial-stop transmitters (e. Walkera, taranis) but with supplemental expense and tinkering concerned. Led lighting:led lights helps with orientation and lower-mild traveling.

I have owned an mqx for perfectly above the 12 months now and have superior ceilings in my dwelling but that quad is rough to fly indoors and have significantly pleasurable with. The nqx on the other hand is a blast. I really feel like an eight-yr aged everytime i fly it. And the extremely lightweight building signifies it is really resistant to effect problems. I have been accustomed to owning no additional expo and d/r on my mqx so it took a couple flights to get employed to the ‘stability mode’ on the nqx. I experimented with the ‘agility mode’ imagining it will be closer to the mqx come to feel but the quad won’t feel to be effectively set up for it the response is unpredictable. Perhaps i require to tweak my dx6i transmitter, hence why i am not deducting a star from the critique.

Purchased for father as a reward as i had some spare fobs. All the parkzone/blade fashion remotes work (two. Soon after some trimming it flies great. I have the fpv version which is even more fun. Fpv = traveling by using reside video clip sign. Small sufficient you do not have to register with faa. The four tiny buttons on controllers are the trim, every axis can be trimmed to make it fly stage. Don’t forget when replacing props, motors, etc: there are clockwise and counter clockwise parts, they must be replaced accordingly. Also the blades do have a best and base.

My cat loves chasing it around the home. Even when my cat catches it a sends it for a loop or a take it into the wall myself, it has survived. If it lands upright i just take off once more, if not i flip it around and absent it goes. The only matter i would like to see would be some other lights to help with orientation, the current lights are less than the cover and are tough to see. Also when the battery will get low the lights flash to alert you, but mine begins flashing and then it drops from the sky, not enough warning. I use my spektrum dx6i so i cant say how the rtf controller is effective. I’m guessing i have 4-five hrs on it and it even now will work terrific.

Seeking into finding into the pastime of multicopter remote controlled plane?. Very well, this is the plane for you. I used a superior amount of time right before i got a single, and i feel this is the best for a beginner. I’ve needed to get an rc plane due to the fact i was a kid, and soon after a handful of decades i’m happy i got a person. This one won’t come with the remote. I bought the spektrum dx6i to regulate it, and kind of desire i put in the revenue for the dx6, since it has the voice interaction, letting you know when the battery time is almost up when i am traveling the nano, i am quite concentrated on managing it and acquiring so a great deal enjoyable that i assume it would be awesome to have the purpose of a voice alternatively of a beeper permitting me know when it is time to come back and land. The blade nano qx bnf is an aircraft that can in shape in the palm of your hand and can be utilised indoors, which is excellent, you would not free it, and it can get a thrashing and hold flying. I’ve bumped it into nearly every single wall the to start with time i plugged it into the single battery it came with when getting the hand of it and feeling in excess of self-assured in my flight competencies. Really don’t get it caught in your girlfriends hair. If you get just one, purchase further batteries, because it can be so much exciting you can want to fly it all the time. I have flown it exterior, but you should not fly it on a windy working day. For the price it’s value each penny and tons of exciting. There are tons of video clips on how to software all the big transmitters on youtube for the bnf (bind and fly) nano.

Own blade coaxial, el msr, and the cpx helis. They have all been fantastic to fly and after hundreds of crashes. The cpx has the the very least use since i just dont have any indoor place huge sufficient to fly and follow with it and its so damn fast. This quad is surprisingly steady. And i was a little bit worried that it would be also dull to fly soon after battling with the msr and cpx. And if i get way too complacent in safe mode just kick her into agility and struggle all you wantthe very best component is the matter is so gentle and the prop guards so ingenious that you can crash her more than and more than. As long as you get rid of the throttle, most possible wont do any destruction. I bought bnf and she matched correct up with my dx6i.

The controls are pretty intuitive and responsive. With safe and sound method the issue just hovers just about absolutely palms-off. As very long as you might be thorough and preserve the manage actions modest, the factor is just about unachievable to crash. If you have never flown something rc right before, i unquestionably propose this quad to begin out on. Mine took a beating and nonetheless flies flawlessly. It got stepped on so the prop guards received cracked and triggered some negative vibrations that perplexed the gyro and designed it unflyable. I removed the guards with some clippers and it flew correctly once again.

BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter : I’ve purchased two of these quads in the last 4-5 weeks. The first one got lost while trying to teach someone to fly it. Battery died and it went down in some brush. No way to locate it visually. Pros: cheap, fun, and probably the best micro quad i have flown yet. Very responsive and i was able to get it working with my taranis w/ a spectrum jr module installed. Both quads had a bad motor out of the box which required a replacement motor to be ordered from amazon.

I have flown numerous purchaser quads, and the blade nano qx has specified me the most worth for each dollar by much — which is saying really a good deal, due to the fact there are a lot of quads on the marketplace. The nano is cost-effective, effortless to fly, secure, responsive, resilient, and feather-light. It is tiny, but not the smallest quad on the current market. There are smaller, more affordable layouts, like the proto x. I obtained just one of those when i was initial having into quads. But identified clumsy, tricky managing (at the very least partly thanks to the small-quality controller), and very confined flight time with a fastened inside battery. The full proto x is created on a solitary circuit board the board is the frame. This is productive and sensible, but it makes the structure really rigid and really type of inconvenient all around people today.

Based mostly on its dimension and evaluations on the internet this quad seems to be great for a novice just staring out with the pastime. In my experience it breaks way too normally and it is also expensive to deal with to use it as a coach. I’ve been flying this quad indoors and in my experience just after about ten crashes one particular of the motors will stop working. I’m really positive the motors stop performing due to the fact of influence and not because of to trying to keep the rotors spinning when entangled in a thing due to the fact i minimize electricity immediately when i’m in trouble. This would not be a major offer except the tiny substitution motors price all around nine dollars every, which is just a handful of pounds a lot less than a brushless motor utilized in significantly greater quadcopters. I am now changing my 2nd motor which is seriously discouraging due to the fact i was just finding the hang of things. In my stress i purchased a toy quadcopter the h8 mini which isn’t hobby grade everything, but it does fly incredibly effectively and it does take a much increased beating because its motors are superior shielded from impression. Do oneself a favor and purchase the 20 dollar quad, you can order a new one for the rate of a pair of motors on the nano qx.

Through the summertime i fly a 650 quad helicopter in manual and fpv method. I bought the nano to preserve my expertise sharp through the wintertime. The nano flies very well and is extremely secure. On the other hand the motors are subject matter to failure. All through the 1st few several hours of traveling i experienced 1 motor totally fail and a next a person that is starting to are unsuccessful. If the quad helicopter is not steady chances are it is brought on from a motor changing speeds as it starts to are unsuccessful, which brings about oscillating up-and-down. It does not supply satisfactory energy so the other three props have to compensate. If your quad is not holding altitude on it really is have verify for a motor that sounds a tiny humorous then change it and chances are it will be secure once again. The motors are $8-$nine apiece so it is not that unpleasant to switch them. I would have given it a 5 star rating if it did not have the motor concerns.

Greatest quad to get started off on. A lot more secure and a lot easier to fly than any other. I tried out the equivalent hubsan and ares ethos seventy five and felt the blade to be the greatest. I returned the hubsan and weakened the ethos on my third flight. Acquired a different blade instead. Observe, i also fly the ares ethos a hundred thirty and rate it an enthusiastic 2 thumbs up. Outstanding selection for future dimension up from the blade and fantastic to fly outdoors. Form of a blade nano on steroids.

Bnf with battery, charger, and further props for a cut price price. I attempted it and it functions better than the just one that flew by itself into a tree fewer than a 7 days ago. Be aware that when you get too superior and lose sign, these will fly in what it thinks is the dwelling direction. That is wonderful at times, but not if it can be virtually instantly overhead and there is a tree behind you. Now i can observe acro mode line of sight once again with a awesome, gentle copter ahead of making an attempt acro on that heavier, extra costly brushless just one i acquired.

I bought this so i could get utilised to flying the nano qx just before flying the nano qx fpv. This very little quad is incredibly well engineered. Relating to the prop guards – people little bits of plastic that glimpse like silly attempts at guarding the prop. The only situation with them is that they can snag points that the quad runs into. It was a minimal bit of a inconvenience to pair this with the transmitter that arrived with the nano qx fpv. It was even much more of a trouble to pair that transmitter again with the nan qx fpv. I upgraded the transmitter to a taranis x9d and all individuals challenges are a factor of the past. Also, the nano qx would seem to fly a great deal more effortlessly and predictable with the taranis x9d. As for traveling this little quad. It is really responsive when remaining straightforward to management.

Absolutely in enjoy with this, it is my first quad and i couldn’t be happier. The qaulity is quite great and i fly it in excess of grass without the need of ever harmful a thing. My only recommendation is to make positive your props are slide down and secure just before each and every flight. My initially time getting it to the local park, i was flying and then i wasn’t. Turns out a prop flew off in my to start with flight, so out of box make certain people are pressed on. I definitely dwell the harmless temper and skill to change. I am however gradually receiving employed to acro mode so obtaining a safe and sound manner to fly all over in is fantastic and pressure no cost.

I have been into r/c off and on for as very long as i can keep in mind, but it has mostly been cars owing to the customarily high cost and fragility of flying matters. About the earlier couple decades i have had a number of air hogs and very similar low-cost helicopters but the nano qx was my first quadcopter. I am loving this point so far, i bought a spektrum dx6i to go with it because i considered i might get some much more flying toys and the thought of just one high-quality transmitter to control a wide variety of products appeals. It took some exercise acquiring applied to the controls but i can now fly it close to the property, landing it on different objects. The security mode would make it much easier to fly than any other helicopter type craft i have tried using. In agility mode it feels a ton more like a four channel heli and is considerably more durable to management. I’ve taken it outdoors a couple of occasions and observed it handles a light breeze astonishingly effectively, just stay absent from trees as it tends to get caught. I have experienced it for only a couple weeks so i won’t be able to remark on the prolonged time period durability but so much it can be held up to a variety of crashes without having hurt aside from a several small nicks in the props. I have found that hair and lint tends to get wound up on the motor shafts so examine that carefully before every single flight. If you see anything on the shaft, pull off the prop and clean up the particles off ahead of sticking the prop back again on.

Very first flight: i can not assist you bind the unit to the controller for the reason that that is dependent a lot on which one you determine to obtain. After you do get it linked, the next stage is to fly it. Even if you have some encounter, it will be a bit uneasy mastering the new unit. You can want to locate out accurately how a lot is demanded to elevate it and maintain it in management. The best assistance i can give is to pop it up off the floor by about a foot and consider to hold it in the air in put there. It will possible bump and hop on the ground, but it’ll be wonderful. I’d shell out the initial whole battery cost just making an attempt to preserve it in just a tiny place at a foot off the floor. Listed here you can commence to get a feeling for irrespective of whether or not you need to have to modify the trim on the controller. Largely, the device will not be helped a lot by adjustments in trim. It is really merely not finely balanced adequate for that to issue.

The nano qx is a wonderful quad and a excellent value, primarily if you might be presently packing the batteries for the msr x/nano cp x. It can be stable in stability method and it truly is a good deal of (complicated) entertaining in agility method. It’s rugged, in a position to easily survive impacts with the ground, wall, ceiling, or other obstructions. This is a hobby-quality quad, capable of fix and extensive-lasting lifetime. With that claimed, it really is not trivial to fly, and will not reward extensive abuse. With treatment, while, it is effortless to fly this a dozen instances a day, working day right after working day.

I actually like it, and it is perfect for flying around inside of of a residence, particularly if you have a home with a large ceiling. It was my very first drone / quadcopter. For other people who are new to flying drones like i was: a pair of months following i acquired this a single i served my mom choose out a drone for my (retired) father. He was seeking for something that could fly outside and that had a digicam capacity, so we picked a significantly greater quadcopter to satisfy his needs. I experienced assumed that a very small drone like this a person would be less difficult to fly than the more substantial ones. Soon after traveling my father’s significantly much larger drone (his is all over 16′ across) i have to say that dimension does not seriously impact relieve of flight. If everything, i would say my father’s bigger drone is a lot easier to fly. But this nano qx is excellent for discovering, and it is almost indestructible (and is so mild that it does not do problems to other items that it operates into. )just be informed that it is so smaller and light that it is impacted by something currently being out of alignment. I discovered at first that my nano qx was always pulling to the left in flight when i initially obtained it.

This thing is an absolute joy to fly, whether in stability or agility modes. In stability mode, the quad makes an effort to keep you level and moving the stick pushes the quad in that direction. In agility mode, the quad maintains attitude and will continue in that direction until you level the quad. I’m using a spektrum dx4e that came with my nano cpx and the binding was pretty seamless (once i looked up directions). In order to bind the quad, connect a battery to the quad and wait for it to blink blue, hold the trainer/bind button while you turn on the controller, and wait a few seconds, you should see either solid red or blue when binding it complete. When i first binded to the quad, it was in agility mode. I was almost angry at sensitive it was in agility mode, but quickly realized hitting the trainer/bind button again puts it in stability mode – much easier to flyafter fooling around inside for 2 or 3 batteries worth of run time (maybe 5-10 minutes, depending on how hard you push the motors), i brought the quad outside. Its nice that they give you different colored rotors so you can tell which way is forward. Because this thing easily fits in your hand, it was quite difficult to control once it got more than 30 feet away. If anyone knows of a tiny fpv camera to put on this thing, please let me know.

This makes my 3rd, and probably previous quadcopter. My intention in advance of shopping for any of my quads was to do areal video clip with a 350 sized quad. Right before shelling out the income, i obtained the syma x1, and mounted a digicam to apply areal online video. Soon after about a month with that, i acquired the 350qx above the dji phantom. After flying the 350 a couple periods, i made a decision that if i was heading to fly such a capable, and high-priced product, i seriously wanted to hone my traveling expertise so that in the party the 350 tries to fly off, i can just take the reins so to speak’ and place the 350 in agility mode and fly it back to myself. The syma was much too huge and clumsy to fly inside, and way too compact, and symmetrical for me to fly outside with any hope of analyzing the front and back again of the quad, so i essential anything actually little to fly in compact distances within. The nano qx seemed to match the monthly bill. It was either that or the estes proto x, and the blade item received out, given that you can bind it to a typical transmitter preventing the only criticism i have found about the proto x, which is that the controller is worthless. My working experience with the nano qx:i am pleased that i selected the nano qx.

Its lightweight enough to fly at work when i need my flying fix. I have bumped and crashed it, and it has made it out alive every time, just make sure you let off the throttle if you do. I have binded it with a dx5e and dx6i, and had no issues what so ever. The included battery take roughly 30-40 mins. To charge and flight times around 5-7 mins. Stability mode is controllable for beginners and intermediate lever pilots. Agility mode (3d) is a little tough for me now, but soon enough i will be able to fly on that mode. Great quality and fast drone for indoor flying, i haven’t flown outside yet but i can tell it will be able to handle some with the power it has. Shipping took about 3 day to the chicago area.

Experienced this tiny man for a handful of months now. I bought a blade msr many years in the past and it was my go to indoor heli just for pleasurable and i loved that detail and general a big lover of the blade manufacturer. Immediately after four a long time and 1000’s of crashes i resolved to retire it. At $70 this seemed like the ideal substitute. I have other helis and planes but i have hardly ever had a quad so i made the decision to give this genre a check out and this a person blows the msr out of the h2o. I paired it with my d6xi and it is a good deal of entertaining. Even in steadiness method it is continue to very agile and definitely secure. I even flew it about my neighborhood on a quiet day and was acquiring a blast. You can get a four or 8 pack of 180mah lipo’s for $20-35 and they are value it simply because you won’t want to put this detail down.

Excellent quadcopter for people wanting to get into the hobby. Comes in rtf with a basic radio controller or bnf. I opted for the bnf version and bought a spektrum dx6i radio. With some settings for the radio specifically for the nano qx that i found on youtube, i learned how to control this little guy in no time. With the safe tech the quad is as stable as they come. Once you get the hang of flying with the safe mode on you can switch it off to go into agility mode which allows for more aggressive, less stable flying. Despite its light weight and plastic construction, it is pretty durable. It is safe for indoor flight because the plastic frame flexes and won’t really damage walls, glass, etc. . Great for indoor flying and outdoor flying in little to no wind. Replacement parts are easy to find in case you do have a bad crash.

I’ve had a blast with my nano. I utilized the eflite controller from an more mature helicopter and did the bind without the need of problem. I’m all over 30 – fifty flights presently. I did invest in some more lipos and will usually do two or 3 packs at when. The nano is effective great for inside the property and business office. You can undertaking exterior but beware of the wind. I imagined i shed mine soon after a gush pushed the nano up 30 – 50 toes in the air and it went down in my backyard. I managed to identify it on my roof and get it down with out problem. I am however not up to process to use the pro flight profile but i can convey to the functionality is there.

Extremely responsive, extremely resilient, and fantastic rate. I paired mine with my spektrum radio and it operates good. Set up took fewer than a minute. I purchased more batteries and a 5 port charger. Swapping batteries is simple and i can fly non-prevent. In no way experienced an concern with motors in excess of heating. My only criticism is that i cannot locate a decent situation.

My only criticism would be that the frame is a bit flimsy, and the blade guards can and do split off during tough landings. I’ve ended up with all four broken or slash absent to keep it balanced. Substitute frames appear to be in higher need and reduced availability. In protected method, it flies like a extremely nicely-behaved flybarred set-pitch heli. I was in a position to fly this a lot a lot more aggressively than my wltoys v911. I get about six-7 minutes of flight time per battery. In agility manner, it flies like a flybarless mounted-pitch heli. I nevertheless haven’t mastered this mode, but i have been equipped to do a several loops currently, which is a lot of entertaining. If you by now have a spektrum tx, this is a wonderful chook to increase to your fleet. If not, get the bnf variation.

Incredibly straightforward to fly, quite reactive, agile quad. I did not get expected six hour lifespan out of motors, nevertheless replacement was pretty easy (board has keyed sockets so you won’t be able to goof up polarity). Back in the air in a couple of minutes. Mates liked it so a lot they went shopping for a person.

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  1. This review is from : BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

    Binded with my dx6, having lots of fun. Not recommended for outdoors on a windy day though.
    1. Binded with my dx6, having lots of fun. Not recommended for outdoors on a windy day though.
  2. This review is from : BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

    Absolutely in love with this, it’s my first quad and i couldn’t be happier. The qaulity is very good and i fly it over grass without ever damaging a thing. My only suggestion is to make sure your props are slide down and secure before every flight. My first time taking it to the local park, i was flying and then i wasn’t. Turns out a prop flew off in my first flight, so out of box make sure those are pressed on. I absolutely live the safe mood and ability to switch. I’m still gradually getting used to acro mode so having a safe mode to fly around in is great and stress free.
    1. Absolutely in love with this, it’s my first quad and i couldn’t be happier. The qaulity is very good and i fly it over grass without ever damaging a thing. My only suggestion is to make sure your props are slide down and secure before every flight. My first time taking it to the local park, i was flying and then i wasn’t. Turns out a prop flew off in my first flight, so out of box make sure those are pressed on. I absolutely live the safe mood and ability to switch. I’m still gradually getting used to acro mode so having a safe mode to fly around in is great and stress free.
  3. This review is from : BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

    I have owned 3 of these over the past 5 years. They are great little quads, pretty durable and easy to fly. They are best for indoor flying but can be flown outdoors on a calm day.
  4. This review is from : BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

    I have owned 3 of these over the past 5 years. They are great little quads, pretty durable and easy to fly. They are best for indoor flying but can be flown outdoors on a calm day.
  5. This review is from : BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

    Best heli to learn how to fly very durable just an awesome quad heli to start 4 beginner and has advanced mode too.
    1. Best heli to learn how to fly very durable just an awesome quad heli to start 4 beginner and has advanced mode too.
  6. This review is from : BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

    This is a pretty awesome little drone. Especially to begin on and for when you get pretty good.
  7. This review is from : BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

    This is a pretty awesome little drone. Especially to begin on and for when you get pretty good.
    1. The blade nano qx bnf quadcopter is a blast to fly. I wanted a drone i could fly indoors and this one was at the top of my list. It’s a little flimsy but overall simple to fly, even for someone with little flying experience, if they take the time to learn and be patient.

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