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I bought this after only having flown a cheap drone. I went nuts watching youtube videos trying to prepare. I can’t remember the last time i was amazed in a good way. This thing does everything they say it does. My first flight was in my tree filled backyard as it was getting dark. I dodged the trees with no problems at all. It is much quieter than i thought it was going to be. Much more stable and easy to fly also. I think the battery time is supposed to be about 20 minutes with no camera or gimbal (i have neither yet) and i was amazed at how long that 20 minutes seemed to last.

Love it, love 3dr, they make a phenomenal product. I own a quad i built for learning and got this one with plans on expanding it for video and photography. Easy and capable, it doesn’t requite a lot of know how but as you get more obsessed with the hobby it has all the components to grow. Initially you can fly it as is, then you open mission planner on your computer and start fiddling, add ways for it to fly by simply checking a box. Screw it all up and then ask for help on any of the forums or facebook pages dedicated to it. If they can’t help you 3dr support has proven they don’t just want your business, they want your love and will work hard to get it. I would recommend this to just about anyone who wants to learn and then advance in the hobby.

Program missions on your computer or tablet and she takes off, flys the mission and then lands herself. I’ve sent her out on some 3 mile round trip missions. The radio gives you distance, flight time, speed, battery use and more. It’s easy to fly and is great fun too. I attached a go pro camera to mine and the set up gets me great arial pictures. 5 stars for this item is my vote.

Has some fantastic functions, that it can fly by itself is brilliant.

Study up on this, phantom requires to check out out as 3dr is in the quickly lane and passing all the other quads in the phantom value vary. The mission planner is amazing. Quad enthusiast that realize the industry know what i’m speaking about. This sophisticated copter, is uncomplicated to use, have wonderful consumer assistance. They obtained this appropriate, and yet again it is in my view the leader of mid priced quads that will exceed all your expectations.

Occasionally it does not execute like it advertised.

  • This is a great drone. It is not without problems

  • A fun drone to fly

  • Very Pleasant Surprise

I just had this for a few days. I’ve never had a drone before so i am really careful with this. I’ve only flown it slow and low for now. It’s really easy to just set it to hover/loiter. I’ve attach a gopro to the drone without a gimble. I wanted to test if there were any ‘jello effect’ – there isn’t any. But a gimble would help the video’s ‘smoothness’ though. I didn’t want to pay $280 for the iris carrying case. So i purchased the pelican 1650 case for $220. I’ve added a picture of my iris+ inside of the pelican case.

Too undesirable they never make these any more.

This is presently the one best deal in quadcopter / drone. You get a pixhawk, controller, and a very stabled, nicely tuned machine for an exceptionally competitive selling price.

What a great little quadcopter. I’ve been having so much fun with this, sending it to where i can just barely see it then bringing it back with the return to launch feature. I’d suggest going ahead and buying extras of everything just to have them on hand for the inevitable crashes as you’re learning to fly. Also, extra batteries for this are super cheap compared to some of the other quads, so pick up a few of those so you can keep flying all day.

General the quad seems very well manufactured, even so the documentation is weak. Firmware for this unit is quite specific, however, as with any unit staying employed with mission planner, the firmware will be current routinely with first set up and will cause troubles with procedure. This is not indicated at all in the house owners guide. 3dr and amazon both came as a result of with very good consumer assistance to resolve the dilemma to my fulfillment.

Features of 3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter

  • Make sure this fits
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  • 16-22 minutes flight time*
  • Payload capacity 400 g (.8 lbs)
  • Integrated LEDs on all arms for trouble-free directional awareness
  • Remote controller with on-screen telemetry for instant data as you fly
  • Ready to Fly – Inside the IRIS+ box is everything you need to fly. Simply attach the props, charge the battery, and you’re ready to fly manually with the included remote controller autonomously with a Mac, PC or Android device.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

It is best to learn on something smaller and cheaper. Knowing the piloting basics will go a long way. Yes, there are many autonomous features on the iris+, but you still need to know how to handle it because this is not just a toy. The best advice i have is to be conservative and do not get cocky. I would tell you how i know this first hand, but it would be embarrassing. I bought specifically for the follow-me function which works very well. Using the tarot gimbal, it even tilts the camera to keep the subject being followed in the frame. The flight stability and handling is terrific. In gps (loiter) mode, i find it rather slow compared to my phantom, but the point of gps mode is not to zip around like a maniac.

This is my second drone the initial being a nova which is a lessen cost edition of the phantom. Like so many of the phantoms are susceptible to do my nova 1 afternoon determined to go rogue along with my gopro digital camera which is the section that actually damage. The nova however gave me more than enough experience that i wished a substitute but was wanting for one thing that would be a lot more trustworthy and come with good guidance. Soon after looking at the assessments i settled on the iris3+ and have to say i have been incredibly delighted with the preference. The iris is a well built and sound emotion drone which is authentic phase up from lots of of the other generally plastic drones. The software package has many characteristics to assist defend the drone and although this has induced some grievances in the critiques my personal expertise with my drone heading skyward with no reaction to any inputs acquiring the safeguards allows stop this form of predicament. As a end result of these safeguards i initally had difficulties with receiving the iris to make it possible for me to lock the motors. A couple iterations with the exceptional assistance from 3d robotics received me up and traveling as it turned out the parameters saved in the drone have been out of range and needed to be calibrated. As a aspect be aware i counsel that you truly hook the drone up via usb in advance of a flight (no battery is desired) to make it possible for the gps to acquire existing time and satellite info in advance of flying. I basically had to permit mine sit at first for most of a day right before the gps was pleased and then i could calibrate the magnometer and the accerometer which would not calibrate until finally the gps was happy.

Hi there all people, i just bougth my new iris3+ by 3dr this is my initial drone i bougth, and i bougth with a gimbal tarot and a gopro4 silver too(all bougth in amazon individually), this is not the initially time i bought high priced gear by using amazon, so i have faith in completely the way amazon and sellers cope with the customers offers, all ítems arrived in time and with no any difficulties presented for the duration of the cargo. Even they bundled tiny bubble cushions to guarantee no harming in my tools, personnel from the retail store send out me a well mannered letter saying greetings to me and becoming thankfull of my purchasae, they question me to mail them responses, so in this article it is. Conversing about the drone, initially of all suppose to be completely ready to fly drone, you just plug batteries, turn on the drone, and you are prepared to go. Perfectly i think about it is a just about all set to fly. I was happy and ansious to fly my drone for initially time so i stick to very carefully phase by stage the instructions, but when the time to commence the engine arrived, my propellas did not shift at all. I tried out distinctive ideas absolutely nothing do the job right up until, i start wanting tension on the internet¡¡then i realized you have to update the drone firmware (like just about every intelligent products) applying your notebook. I did this, i went outside the house and follow the same technique, and my drone started out to fly¡¡¡¡¡is traveling dificult?right before i finally have my iris3+ working, i went to a friend’s dwelling to teach me how to fly with one of his generic drones, so the very first time i movement was not my iris drone, i felt the traveling dificult, awkward, it was to smart the drone for a absolutely rookie, so a couple of several hours afterwards when i flew my iris, traveling with it was unbelievable, pretty steady, wind was challenging but iris can keep its place in the air, other drones go with the wind like smaller paper planes¡be cautious: i remarkably recommend you talk to a buddy how to fly, apply ten minutes that will be enought, if i would not do this, im confident i would not even know how to land my drone and almost certainly crashed itmy 2nd suggestion is fly it initially in a big open up subject, ¡¡¡¡¡ i did crashed my drone in a tree, but many thanks godness it was not damaged¡¡ok, now im certain great deal of the customers are having the exact questions i experienced, which drone should really i buy, why?properly the aspect who can make choose the decisión of obtaining the iris3+ was the autopilot mode, i cherished the strategy of remaining outdoor and have your drone flying behing you recording all of your actions( i am a gotcha participant, motocross and love mountaineering), also the mission planner computer software to créate waypoints and missions for your drone is excellent, nowadays is my fifth day with my drone, i previously developed some missions. You can input parameters like latitude on each individual waypoint, see map as google maps, (look videos at youtube, 3dr have some interesting tutorials)now the motive i give four stars rather of 5, no make a difference the excellent flying, fantastic arrival to my dwelling, is due to the fact i had no plan i had to up to date my drone and i experienced like three o 4 hrs pressured on the lookout for a alternative, suppose to be prepared to fly drone this ways is not bundled in the instructions¡¡¡, and the 2nd motive but is not that important, is mainly because my iris3+ is not compatible with my iphone6, thats the cause for mission planner i have to use my laptop computer, eaither way the laptop computer is fine, but lets confess ir, you seem pretty pro flying your drone utilizing your android technique. Some added details for travelersi am at present residing in mexico, but i bougth my iris thougth amazon. Now i am at germany, so i am certain some of you could be inquiring, are any challenges getting my drone with me?. Is flying the very same the usa and europe?. Does in germany exist traveling insurance policies?make sure you see my answers¡is it harmless to travel with your drone?just before danger to get in problems to lose my drone or a single of my fligths, i initial identified as to münchen and frankfort airport (germany) to talk to them if there’s any problema traveling with a drone, they pointed out to me ‘no problemo’, so i took my drone with me, on my hand bag usually of course, we arrive to the various airports but in none of them a difficulty was presented. De mexico airport some little queries about why i was carrying this, three mexican guards had been looking at the scanner hoping to discover what was that in my bag.

Terrific drone only improved just one ive tried out would be the solo.

Arrived on time and was a big surprise. My son was so happy that i had picked this one particular out for him. He enjoys how it flys and maneuvers. His go pro attaches properly, which was my major objection. It was simple for him to learn and wonderful to check out it fly. Took a exam flight at evening and that was brilliant.

Idid crash within 3 minutes of flight time, because i got cocky and flew fast and low, not relizing i couldnt stop on a dime. Did order extra battery that hasnt worked, iris gives me error code and wont power up.

16-22 minutes flight time*

It’s my husbands 60 th birthday present. He hasn’t seen yet but i’m sure he will be thrilled.

This was a terrific plane for me. It fly’s smoothly and offers good adaptability. The pixhawk controller is what i was on the lookout for. The iris+ is the minimum pricey of 3d robotics aircraft and the great system to learn pixhawk programming attributes. The controller has a lot of fascinating options to customise your iris+ to do extra than what 3dr configures in it fundamental package deal. That simple package deal is much more than enough for most customers. Much extra would overwhelm you.

The iris+ presents me anything i will need to seize secure aerial images and video. I have earlier owned a dji phantom and had the to start with era of the 3dr iris and it is great to see the enhancements they produced to the products with iris+ as the new propellers are a enormous knowledge enhancement. The iris+ also has extended flight periods than any of my former drones carrying a gopro hero+ and stabilizing gimbal. There is no problem that 3dr has the ideal autopilot and gps performance available right now which arrives in useful if you reduce sight of the drone (i have admittedly done this on a variety of occasions) and with a flip of a swap it will locate its way again to you autonomously. This is a wonderful merchandise for any newbie photographer or someone on the lookout to purchase their to start with drone.

I like the versatility of the flight control board. Also nice having telemetry on the radio.

Amazing product, super fast shipping.

This is so easy to fly even for a beginner like me. I really like the gps and the ability to bring it home without having to worry about it getting lost. Flying it manually is also easy and the response to the controller is great.

Payload capacity 400 g (.8 lbs)

I have a new phantom two vision+ v3. But i preferred ‘follow me’, ‘dronie’, savable and loadable missions. I needed a little something i could tell to fly all around the home in a ideal circle having images each and every one. I needed to convey to it how quite a few times to fly that circle. I want to get a high rez impression of my residence using microsoft ice (absolutely free). I are unable to do those with the inventory phantom. I can do individuals with the iris+. I by now experienced a tarot gimbal, but if you will not, i would very suggest just one to complete this bundle. You can insert fpv afterwards for $three hundred. The iris+ flies extremely stable and the sky is the limit when it will come to it can be open up-supply applications and courses.

This is just one of the finest quadcopters i have flow. Tired a cheerson and aee toruk and this one is considerably greater. Quite quick to fly if you have a minimal encounter managing a quadcopter. Gps locked in wonderful and all attributes get the job done very well. Purchased a gimbal and hooked up my motion digicam and am receiving some incredible movies. Would not endorse it for a newbie due to the fact there is a ton going on and you genuinely should have some encounter flying prior to making use of this 1. It would not have head locking which can frustrate a newbie that is not use to controlling a craft heading toward them. In loiter method, it hangs steadily in place with very minimal drifting. Like that i can improve conveniently, fly handfree, observe me.

Only problem: battery wires bend tightly to close compartment door.

Fantastic machine, can do everything. If you fly acro method, you will crash.

Superior very low finances pictures drone. Have set up with fpv digital camera & operate cam ii.

This is my 1st ‘real’ quadcopter and i really like it. It is simple to fly manually in the ‘loiter’ (gps) method. I have crashed it a couple occasions but it was completely my fault. I replaced the broken propellers and i was back again in the air in a couple of minutes. The iris+ comes with a challenging mount (anti-vibration rubber mount) on the front of it for any design gopro. So if you don’t have the hero3 or more recent gopro you can however acquire online video or time lapsed images without getting the $200+ gopro gimbal. General this is a good system for any person and it is a great base for someone that wants to take it to the up coming amount and incorporate matters like 1st particular person live feed video clip.

It takes permanently to hit gps on preliminary start off. It is rock stable as a performer. In comparison to the dji phantom two it is as good or better on flight. The advantage that dji has is it masses up rapid and receives you traveling more quickly. This thing requires a when to load up and will not have as good a gps technique as the dji. Nevertheless it does have matters that make it superior. Effortless to read through and comprehend directions, one thing china desires to get the job done on. It hovers flawlessly on taking pictures from the air. The dji tends to question a little bit at time, and this a single doesn’t. Well constructed and well imagined out platform. A several modifications and this a single would give dji a operate for their revenue.

Integrated LEDs on all arms for trouble-free directional awareness

Remote controller with on-screen telemetry for instant data as you fly

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3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter
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  1. This review is from : 3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter

    Only issue: battery wires bend tightly to close compartment door.
  2. This review is from : 3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter

    Good low budget photography drone. Have set up with fpv camera & run cam ii.
  3. This review is from : 3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter

    Good low budget photography drone. Have set up with fpv camera & run cam ii.
    1. This was a great aircraft for me. It fly’s smoothly and offers great adaptability. The pixhawk controller is what i was looking for. The iris+ is the least expensive of 3d robotics aircraft and the perfect platform to learn pixhawk programming features. The controller has many exciting options to customize your iris+ to do more than what 3dr configures in it basic package. That basic package is more than enough for most users. Much more would overwhelm you.
      1. This was a great aircraft for me. It fly’s smoothly and offers great adaptability. The pixhawk controller is what i was looking for. The iris+ is the least expensive of 3d robotics aircraft and the perfect platform to learn pixhawk programming features. The controller has many exciting options to customize your iris+ to do more than what 3dr configures in it basic package. That basic package is more than enough for most users. Much more would overwhelm you.
  4. This review is from : 3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter

    If you don’t know much drone this drone will fool you into spending your kid’s college fund or grocery money. . Using the word 3d will fool you into believe that it’s a real 3d camera drone. I had to return it upon first use it’s not worth it.
  5. This review is from : 3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter

    If you don’t know much drone this drone will fool you into spending your kid’s college fund or grocery money. . Using the word 3d will fool you into believe that it’s a real 3d camera drone. I had to return it upon first use it’s not worth it.
  6. This review is from : 3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter

    I am very dissatisfied with this quadcopter. It was not right from the first flight. It would land and then rev the motors back up and flip over on its back. I broke numerous props before i learned to put my hand on the top of it and force it to the ground and hold it. It needed a software upgrade but there is no user manual that details this procedure. I got bits and pieces of help from 3dr but the problems were never totally resolved. At times it would fly ok then one day i lifted it off and totally lost connection to the quadcopter. It went about 100 feet high and then crashed. Nothing on the transmitter worked. I sent it in thinking they would do something about it.

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